Multipurpose Armature machine

YMM – 04

Technical Data of Machine

Main Drive Motor Capacity15 KW
Carriage Rapid Traverse in Longitudinal Direction600 mm/min
Head Stock Spindle Speed – Infinitely Variable1.5 to 300 rpm
Carriage Feed in Longitudinal Direction0 to 100 mm/min
Maximum Depth of Cut while Commutator Turning2.5 mm
Maximum Banding Tension during Wire/Tape Banding300 Kg
Other Details

Maximum Armature Weight30 KN
Minimum Length Of Armature500 mm
Maximum Length of Armature1600 mm
 Minimum Diameter of Armature500 mm
 Maximum Diameter of Armature1400 mm
Minimum Diameter of Commutator to be Machined200 mm
Maximum Diameter of Commutator to be Machined900 mm
 Minimum Length of Commutator to be Machined75 mm
 Maximum Length of Commutator to be Machined450 mm
Ovality of Commutator Turning<0.015 mm*
Taper of Commutator Turning<0.015 mm*
Uniformity of Banding Tension<±10 Kg

Pl. note that improvements is a continuous process. Hence, details explained above may undergo some changes meeting functional, quality and productivity requirements of the required technical specification.

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