Automated Train Washing Plant

Technical Data of Machine
Train wash speed through plant 3 to 5 KMPH
Fresh water requirement Max. 60 litres per coach / car
Pressure of spray at nozzle outlet at final stage Approx. 10Kg/
Total width of the support structures stands along with cleaning implements etc. installed on the railway track 5.5 meters (Max.)
Other Parameters
Power Supply 415V±10%, 50Hz±3%
Length of straight track between fouling marks 50 Mtrs. (Max.)
Performance Standards
Productivity The end-to-end cycle time for cleaning a train for 24 coaches will not be more than 15 minutes.

This coach washing plant is capable of automatic washing exterior lateral sides of the rail cars along with projected window bars, window sil areas.

The automatic washing cycle consists of :

  • Pre-wetting / rinsing
  • Spraying detergent
  • Multiple Brushing stations
  • Final rinsing
  • Moping

Above mentioned cycle will be carried out when the train is moving at a speed of 3-5 kmph

Water conservation : water is recycled through effluent treatment plant

Optical laser sensors are installed for sensing the entry and speed of the railcars

Modular construction, Robust design, Low operation and maintenance cost

Pl. note that improvements is a continuous process. Hence, details explained above may undergo some changes meeting functional, quality and productivity requirements of the required technical specification.

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