CNC Tandem Underfloor Wheel Lathe

A combination of two machines working in synchronised tandem mode

YUL -12T

Technical Data of Machine

Max. Main Drive Motor Capacity4 Motors of 15 KW capacity each
Cutting Speed while Profiling20 to 120 m/min
Cutting Speed while Brake Disc Machining120 m/min (Constant)
Tool Post Feed for Wheel Profiling0.1 to 2.5 mm/rev
Tool Post Rapid Speed for Both Axes3000 mm/min
Max. Chip Cross Section while Profiling10 mm2
Wheel Set Data for Machining

Max. Tread Diameter1500mm*
Min. Tread Diameter540mm*
Wheel Width75 to 155mm
Max. Axle Load300/400 KN
Max. Width of Vehicle (Rolling Stock)3600/3100 mm*
Min. Width of Vehicle (Rolling Stock)2900/2400 mm*
Max. Axle Length2750mm*
Min. Axle Length1200mm*
Max./Min. Dia. for Brake Disc Machining700/250mm

*Depends on track gauge

Accuracies of Wheel Set
Wheel Profiling
Difference in Dia. of Both Wheels <0.10mm
Accuracy of Wheel Profile when Compared with Standard Gauge <0.2mm
Radial Run Out of Wheel <0.10mm
Axial  Run Out of Wheel <0.15mm
Profile Surface Finish <12.5µm Ra
Brake Disc Machining (Optional)
Surface Finish <2.5µm Ra
Flatness of Surface <0.1/100mm
Lateral Wobble <0.2mm
  • One of the machine is fixed and other machine is moveable to take care varying wheel base of bogie.
  • Common rail system for both the machines. Individual Hydraulic & Pneumatic system for each machine.
  • Each machine can work individually enabling profiling of individual wheel set also.
  • Rigid basements in cast iron construction for supporting Mobile & Fixed machine.
  • Linear motion guideways and pre-loaded ball screw for movement of mobile machine.
  • Movement of moving machine by CNC system.
  • All four drive rollers of both the machines moves up in synchronized mode with displacement feed back during lifting and centering of wheel set. All four drive rollers of both the machines in de-synchronized follow up mode during wheel profile turning to maintain positive contact with wheels having wear out defects.
  • Provision to detect slippage between drive rollers and the wheel set.
  • Each machine equipped with two CNC tool carriages for simultaneous measuring and machining of both wheels of wheel set
  • Hardened & ground guideways with preloaded ball screws for very high and consistent accuracies.
  • Equipped with quick change CAPTO/KM LOCK tooling for wheel profiling & brake disk machining.
  • Each CNC Tool Carriage equipped with wheel profile and diameter measuring unit of proven design for Pre & Post measurement.
  • Coach and locomotive re-profiling time is reduced by 50% and 33% respectively, resulting in higher availability of coach/locomotive for Revenue Service.
  • Isolating a non-usable / sick coach and inserting a new coach is very time consuming and laborious activity. Hence, entire train can be brought on Tandem UFWL as the wheel profiling of coach will be completed within less than 2 hours.

Pl. note that improvements is a continuous process. Hence, details explained above may undergo some changes meeting functional, quality and productivity requirements of the required technical specification.

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